Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Florence on a Tuesday!

Welcome to my latest post for Teacup Tuesday. I am pleased to share another beauty from my chintz collection, that has been sitting in a box wrapped in newspaper for ages.  So it is nice to put it on display for a while in my virtual china cabinet.

This is the lovely pattern Florence from Royal Winton which was made by Grimwades, who are described in one of my reference books as "the leader in the field of chintz ware" outstripping many other manufacturers in the number of patterns they produced. I adore this design, because the black background shows the beautiful vibrant colours to such great effect.

I tried both flash and natural sunlight today to try and show the colours of this pattern to best effect. I didn't realise until I downloaded these photos, that I had taken a picture that shows the chip in this poor little cup very clearly.

Many of my cherished pieces of chintz have chips or cracks. Chintz is very pricey and perfect pieces are often beyond my budget. So I buy damaged pieces and give them a good home. The busy patterns on chintz often hide the damage quite well in the display cabinet so they don't look too bad!

According to my copy of Collecting Royal Winton Chintz - Muriel M Miller Grimwades introduced chintz patterns in 1913. Florence appears to be a pattern produced in the 1950s. The pattern includes pink and cream carnations, belladonna lilies, and small blue and pink flowers against a black ground. This back stamp includes a registration number printed in gold for Canada.

I had hoped to have some lovely homebaked cookies to show you with my china and a nice cup of tea today, but unfortunately I couldn't control myself and ate them before I got around to taking my photographs today!!

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Thank you for popping by my virtual china cabinet!

Elaine x


  1. The colors are just gorgeous on this little beauty!!


  2. The Florence pattern is so vibrant and fun! I think it is wonderful that you buy ones that are not in the best shape. You are still preserving history! I have two as well, and one is fully stained on the inside. But it is so lovely, like yours. I look forward to seeing more of your Chintz.

  3. It's a very pretty set Elaine. I love the fact that you give the history behind your pieces. The paper you are displaying the cup and saucer on is very nice too, Judith xx

  4. Elaine, Thank you for your Royal Winton set! It is lovely. I have a sugar & cream in "Nantwich" that came from my Grandmother. It also has a gold number/letter mark and she was indeed born in Canada! Thank you for the interesting facts! Sometimes it's the memories that make a piece beautiful and sometimes it's just that it makes your heart happy! Thank you for sharing your lovely things. V

  5. Fallen in love with Florence. Oh...so pretty! I think the cup shape is different too which makes it all the more special. Be still my heart.
    Ruthie from :http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com/
    Please come visit us. We have some chintz posted as well you might enjoy.