Monday, 23 May 2011

A little Royal Albert

Well, I am joining in again with Teacup Tuesday! Today's cup is another pretty art deco chintz design and I am lucky enough to have a trio. It has the same pattern as the CWS cup I posted a while back and the cup in my blog header, but this time it has white panels, blue lines and green edging. I really love the colours of these flowers, so maybe it is not so surprising it pops up in my collection so often.

The handle is classic deco in a lovely soft green. 

Here is the backstamp. None of my chintz reference books have any reference to Royal Albert designs so I can only guess it must be 1930's ish because of the handle. It feels like a vintage rather than repro piece.

My tea today is green tea with peppermint and a lovely lime and coconut cupcake. I made these for a picnic yesterday which we had with friends near the sea - here.

This is another recipe from an amazing vegan cookbook that I cannot recommend highly enough if you love making cupcakes.

Tonight we are heading off for a very quick shopping trip to France. Top of my list will be my favourite Moroccan Mint tea bags that only seem to be available in France.

I am down to my last 5 tea bags and this is a serious state of affairs! How many boxes of tea fit in a shopping trolley I wonder?

If you would like to know more about Teacup Tuesday, pop over to Terri's lovely Artful Affirmations blog here or at Martha's blog here. You can find links to other people participating in Teacup Tuesday on these blogs too.

Thank you for popping by my virtual china cabinet again this week.



  1. Elaine, your tea cup is really something special. I have not seen one like it before. I love the handle and the colors. The shape as well is fab. I am thinking you are correct with the dating. How wonderful that you have the trio!
    Thank you so much for sharing it and the cupcake!

  2. Elaine, so very happy I found your blog quite by accident. I invite you to view mine I will put you in my favorite places until I can figure out how to follow you

  3. HI Elaine, I just found you! I am so excited to see your chintz. I Love chintz and since it is so costly, I only have a few but delight in looking and knowing others appreciate it as well. South of England? How wonderful. Looking forward to going all around England next year. We lived in London for a year back in 1979 and have been there several times. Can't wait to return and I have it in my mind, that some chintz will be coming home with me!
    Please come visit my friend Barbara and me at :
    Ha, typing this up and looked up to see that Barbara was already here. We go tea cup shopping together and share a blog.

  4. Hi! Ruthie and I are so happy to find you! We are chintz lovers and love to see posts of fine china and good food! We look forward to seeing more.

  5. Hello Elaine,
    Visiting from Terri and Martha's teacup parties....your teacup is just lovely! It is cheery and sings of summer. What fun- a shopping trip to France! What else do you plan to pick up while there, besides tea? Enjoy the excursion :)

  6. That is one amazing tea cup. Just beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha